The majority of Americans, all people really, fail to adequately plan for their retirement. Most people address the financial aspects by purchasing life insurance, to ensure their partner has money to live on after they die.


Some have an employer-sponsored retirement program, 401K, IRA, annuity, or a government-sponsored program, like social security, which they hope will pay them after they retire. A far smaller number take a more proactive approach and set up their own retirement program through investments and savings.

But an alarmingly small number of people plan for the other two aspects of their retirement: the physical and the mental.

Too many people reach their sixties, the time when they have been told all of their lives are The Golden Years. This is the time they have dreamed of being able to not worry about getting up and going to work every morning.

An unknown author once wrote:

geralt / Pixabay

Happy days are here at last,

The days of nine to five are passed,

You've worked your life and paid your dues,

Now you can do just what you choose."

And yet, some find that when they reach the long-sought milestone, their personal Holy Grail, they are too weak to pick it up.

It is with that in mind that we at JJ SEAL Group, LLC, have focused all of our efforts to change that demographic. Our goal is to make sure the growing number of Baby Boomers nearing or already in retirement become armed with all of the tools they need to enjoy a fully ABUNDANT retirement, one that is HEALTHY and HAPPY, in addition to a financially secure, or WEALTHY, one. We will start with HEALTH, since no matter the state of our finances or our minds, if our health fails us, our Golden Years will quickly turn to Rust.

The Pathway to a Healthy Retirement

Below is the outline for our Healthy Retirement Coaching Program:
  1. Assess your current state of health
    1. See your doctors, dentist, optometrist, etc.
    2. Measure your Body Mass Index (BMI), weight and waist.
    3. Account for your regular activity.
    4. Account for your diet -- list what you eat in a diary.
    5. Measure your mood and evaluate your energy level.
    6. Count your connections -- family and friends, social, spiritual, etc.
  2. Correct your current conditions
    1. Treat any existing problems.
    2. Cease any bad habits.
    3. Find your Partners for Progress -- family, friends, doctors, etc.
  3. More moderate movement
    1. Fun -- dance, yoga, sports.
    2. Track -- keep a diary, use a pedometer.
    3. Goals -- weekly.
    4. Schedule -- daily.
    5. Travel aids -- canes, walkers, scooters, etc.
  4. Improve your eating
    1. CHOICE vs. force.
    2. Get rid of the guilt.
    3. Plan to eat, eat your plan.
    4. Haste makes waist -- slow and steady wins the taste.
    5. Regard the Rainbow of fruit colors.
    6. Accountability partner.
  5. Stamp Out Stress
    1. Mood Maintenance -- meditate, exercise, relax.
    2. Fight Flare-ups -- escape.
    3. Who cares?  Will this matter tomorrow, next week, next year?
    4. Selflessness Serves -- volunteer.
    5. Attitude of Gratitude -- keep a Journal of Gratefulness.
    6. Don’t Forget to Breathe -- count your blessings and your breaths.
  6. Sublime Sleep
    1. Blue Law -- NO TV or Computers (sources of blue light) <2 hours before bedtime
    2. Rest, not sweat -- No heavy exercise right before bedtime.
    3. Fallings Temps = Falling Asleep -- hot bath or hot drink.
    4. Regular Routine -- Boring is better, same time to bed, same time to rise.
    5. Can’t Count on Catch-up -- but it still feels good.
    6. Seek Sleep Specialists
    7. Sleep is Supreme -- PRIORITIZE IT!!
  7. Refresh Relationships
    1. Sweet Social Similarities.
    2. Know Your Neighbors -- spend more time together.
    3. Mix it up -- Virtual Reality AND Real Reality.
    4. Treat painful relationships early.
    5. Companionship
  8. Bulk Up Your Brain
    1. Mental calisthenics.
    2. Challenging activities.
    3. Replace mind-numbing TV with mind-expanding activities.
    4. Study Buddy -- the person, not the pillow.
  9. Viva le Variety
    1. Travel more -- locally AND beyond.
    2. Outdoors IS OK -- spend more time there; O2, sunlight, stimulae.
    3. Gather around GREEN spaces - trails, parks, yards, etc.
  10. Habits & Hobbies are Healthier for Humans
    1. Exercise you creativity, not just your body and mind -- keep an Idea Diary.
    2. Start or reactivate a hobby
    3. Start a business -- lemonade stand?
    4. Track stocks and/or currencies (real or crypto).
    5. Learn a new trade -- or improve an old one.
  11. Simplify Supplements
    1. Multivitamins for Seniors (men vs. women).
    2. Fiber For Fitness -- drinks, pills, psillium husk capsules.
    3. Protein for Power -- pre/post exercise, daily.
    4. Fruits and Veggies -- whole foods, organic, natural, grow your own
  12. Safety for Seniors
    1. We Need More Cowbell (the button around your neck, or wrist)
    2. [We] Get Around (transportation)
    3. A Question of Balance (don’t fall down if you can’t get up)
    4. If you can’t be with the ones you love, love the ones you’re with (caregivers)
    5. Beauty IS Skin deep (dermal health)
    6. Putting your Money where your Mouth is (oral hygene)
    7. Eyes of a Tiger (optics)
    8. Feet of Clay (podiatrics)
    9. Let’s Get Physical(s) (annual)
    10. Mechanical World (sensory aids)
    11. Live For Today (Living Wills, medical diary)

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